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The Eastport Elementary School (EES) PTA has created a committee of EES parents and community leaders to run PlayEastport, a Capital Campaign to improve the Community Green Space at Eastport Elementary, with a goal of raising $250,000 for a new playground and comprehensive green space restoration at the Elementary School. EES is a small and very diverse community school with approximately 81 percent of the student population coming from low-income families.

The EES PTA has already raised slightly over $75,000 (as of 5/14/2019) and has a wide-ranging plan for raising the additional funds needed, in addition to fully funding their normal budget for academic support programs at the school. The PlayEastport Committee is coordinating its efforts with the Principal, staff at the school and Anne Arundel County Public Schools (AACPS), as well as the entire Eastport Community. AACPS has budgeted for the replacement of one piece of equipment but they are not able to fully fund the comprehensive improvement of the grounds. AACPS will be supporting PlayEastport committee as we further develop our plans.

As with any Capital Campaign, the support of the larger Eastport community will be crucial to our success and we look forward to working with the residents and businesses to succeed with this project.

"March to Play"

Reaching Our Eastport Businesses Community

We enjoyed launching our "March to Play" campaign and getting to know all of the vibrant businesses in our Eastport community and the people who work there! PlayEastport's mission for our "March to Play" campaign was to connect with our local businesses and tell our story with the goal of receiving contributions to support our local Eastport Elementary School and the largest green space in Eastport!

We are off to a good start and have raised $7,500 from a handful of generous businesses in our community. The goal of our "March to Play" was to raise $20,000. Therefore, we are 38% of the way there and we need your businesses' support to reach our goal. Our new Sponsorship Opportunities are listed below.

“The Eastport Civic Association (ECA) applauds Eastport Elementary School PTA’s efforts to create a safer, improved play space for students and the Eastport community to enjoy. The proposed renovations will greatly enhance the community.”

ECA President - Debra Dillon

“Our current playground equipment is outdated and unsafe for our children. We would like new and exciting equipment to make our playground a place where children will have safe, stimulating and healthy opportunities to play that they so need and deserve,” said EES Principal Susan Gallagher, “It will also be a wonderful addition to the community.”

Eastport Elementary School Principal - Susan Gallagher

Eastport Elementary is home to over 250 students from Pre-K through 5th grades, all of whom make ample use of the play structures and green space during recess, class breaks and before and after school. However, the play structures on the field are aged – some are over 30 years old – and the students need new, safe and engaging play structures. Additionally, the recent building renovation resulted in the basketball court being built on the first baseline of the baseball field, a safety issue that needs to be remedied.

Sponsorship Opportunities

"The Skipjack Society"

$25,000 for Basketball Court (1 donor on sign)

$20,000 for Baseball Field (1 donor on sign)

$15,000 for Soccer Field (1 donor on sign)

$10,000 per Living Green Stations (5 donors on 5 separate signs)

"Founding Sponsors"

$5,000 per planter or bench

$1,000 - $4,999 name on main sign located near the playground.

*All Severn Society and Founding Sponsors will be listed on the main sign located near the playground in addition to any other designated sign areas based on their sponsorship.

"Community Sponsors"

$1 - $999 Community Plaque Recognition


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Interested sponsors, volunteers, donors should email Neilye Garrity at playeastport@eespta.org

All contributions are tax deductible. Non-Profit ID: 52-1813113

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