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PlayEastport - Next Steps


The next major phase/project for PlayEastport includes installing a full size basketball court. We are working with AACPS and an engineering firm to submit permitting. The new court will most likely be installed during the Summer of 2023 (pending city permitting).

Veteran's Park Update


The PTA has been working on a Veteran’s Park plan throughout the PlayEastport project. This was an "optional" add on to our fundraising efforts. The Veteran's Park committee includes local community members and local veteran’s Mike Mattingly and Hugh Bernard. Hugh Bernard is the current caretaker of the park and has been for many years. The revised plan includes bringing new native plantings, improved seating, and a stronger emphasis on our veterans. The PTA sponsored the removal of existing plants Spring 2022 and new planting in October 2022. Hugh Bernard will be leading the charge for the remaining hardscape improvements. If you would like to help please reach out to president@eespta.org

EES PTA's PlayEastport Campaign Reaches Fundraising Goal !

Please read the Press Release from June 24th, 2021 for full details and plans.

  • $88,000 from AACPS was received and applied to Phase I - Playground & Phase IV Basketball Court

  • $72,486.50 raised from Grants and applied to Phase I - Playground, Phase II - Soccer Goals, Phase III - Outdoor Classroom, Phase IV - Basketball Court & Phase V - Reseeding of Recreational Fields

  • $174,606.13 was raised from Private Donors and applied to all phases listed below.

    • NOTE: Funding for the new fencing in Phase II was provided fully from private donors.

Total Money Raised - $335,092.63

Fundraising Goal - $320,000

Phase III - Outdoor Classroom - COMPLETED

Outdoor learning spaces are in the process of being designed and installed in the outdoor classroom area along Fifth St and Chesapeake Ave. A classroom area for learning outside has been installed. One large bin for the 1st grade Monarch Butterfly curriculum has been added as well as individual bins for each grade for desired plantings.

Phase II - Soccer Field & Fencing - COMPLETED

In Fall of 2020, we removed the basketball court that overlapped our baseball field. A new and bigger court will be installed in ~ Fall 2021 (Phase IV) in a new location, where the old playground was located. Also, two soccer goals were purchased to create a soccer field.

A new black aluminum 4 foot fence was installed around the outdoor classroom on 5th Street and Chesapeake Ave. The chain link fencing around the two rain gardens near the playground have been replaced in January 2021 with black aluminum fencing.

As of the end of June 2021, we received a permit to replace the 6 foot chain link perimeter fence around the playground and sport fields with a black aluminum fence. The fence was installed in July 2021.

Phase I - Playground - COMPLETED

Our new playground is OPEN! Thank you to everyone in our community that supported our fundraising campaign to make this a reality! This will be the completion of Phase I of our PlayEastport Implementation Plan (see below for more details on Phase II - V). We are still raising money for the addition phases.

For the full implementation plan of all PlayEastport Phases I- V please scroll down to the bottom of this page.

All contributions are tax deductible. Non-Profit ID: 52-1813113

Checks can be made out to "Eastport Elementary School PTA" and mailed to the address below:

Eastport Elementary PTA Attn: PlayEastport 420 5th St. Annapolis, MD 21403


PlayEastport is a capital campaign created by the EES PTA to improve the Community Green Space at Eastport Elementary. In conjunction with the Principal and Staff at the school, as well as the entire Eastport Community, PlayEastport’s goal was to create a comprehensive space that not only serves the students at Eastport but the entire Eastport community, as the largest green space in Eastport, and the only large-scale recreation space. The PlayEastport committee, comprised of EES parents, faculty, and community leaders, set a goal of raising $320,000 for a new playground and comprehensive green space restoration at the Elementary School. As of June 2021, PlayEastport has reached this fundraising goal!

As with any Capital Campaign, the support of the larger Eastport community was crucial to our success and we thank everyone who has donated!

Thank you for your support!

“The Eastport Civic Association (ECA) applauds Eastport Elementary School PTA’s efforts to create a safer, improved play space for students and the Eastport community to enjoy. The proposed renovations will greatly enhance the community.”

ECA President - Debra Dillon

“Our current playground equipment is outdated and unsafe for our children. We would like new and exciting equipment to make our playground a place where children will have safe, stimulating and healthy opportunities to play that they so need and deserve,” said EES Principal Susan Gallagher, “It will also be a wonderful addition to the community.”

Eastport Elementary School Principal - Susan Gallagher

Eastport Elementary is home to over 300 students from Pre-K through 5th grades, all of whom make ample use of the play structures and green space during recess, class breaks and before and after school. However, the play structures on the field are aged – some are over 30 years old – and the students need new, safe and engaging play structures. Additionally, the recent building renovation resulted in the basketball court being built on the first baseline of the baseball field, a safety issue that needs to be remedied.

Implementation Plan

Phase I: Spring 2020 - COMPLETED

  • New Playground Equipment

Phase II: Fall 2020 - Summer 2021

  • Add Soccer Field with Goals - COMPLETED

  • Remove existing basketball court - COMPLETED

  • Add new fencing for outdoor classroom on 5th & Chesapeake for enhanced student safety. Replace rain garden fencing. (Jan 2021) - COMPLETED

  • Replace existing 6 foot chain link fence (July 2021) - COMPLETED

Phase III: Spring 2021 - Summer 2021 - COMPLETED

  • Update Outdoor Classroom and create green stations to support Science Technology Engineering Art & Math (STEAM)

Phase IV: Fall 2021 - Summer 2023

  • ADA compliant sidewalk to playground (Completed in June 2022).

  • Install a Full Size Court with standard size & junior hoops (Estimated for Summer 2023)

Phase V: Fall 2023

  • Reseed & Improve Baseball Field

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Interested sponsors, volunteers, donors should email Neilye Garrity at playeastport@eespta.org